Jackie Vernon

Artist - Producer

Jackie Vernon (a.k.a. Moy Boy) was born in Detroit, Michigan (U.S.A.) in the Motown Records atmosphere, but little did he know that this would be the start of a never-ending career amongst the stars.


Actor, Director-Choreographer, Singer-Songwriter, Composer and Producer are some of the many talents expressed throughout his career.


He crafted his art, as well, in Television Specials, Operas, Comedy Musicals, Theater, Music Videos and Film; throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


He also cast many major films, (as Associated Casting Director for TCA Casting Agency, an affiliate of Francesco Cinieri Productions), at Cinécittà Studios.


He now resides in Paris, France where he's created Moy Boy Music (MBM) to help young artists overcome some of the boundaries within the entertainment industry and to them realize their projects.


"My most prominent thrill in life has been to live as an Artist, helping those who need....to Dream!"

Paris, France